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While reading a post by one of my peers in the Instructional Design and Technology Certificate program at  Full Sail University Course, I  discovered a reference to this book, Artistic Edge by Lisa Phillips. First, I thought of the book I learned about in one of the psychology classes I

2012 is NOW. Right now it’s Music Monday, and I have online school work due at midnight, I’ve been up all night working after experiencing relationship drama. I’m starving and I have a meeting at 2PM concerning wedding invitation cards.  Let me start off where I left of in my

Hello everyone and Happy Monday!  Today’s post for my first Music Monday is dedicated to the late Amy Winehouse and a few other new musicians.  I love music and I get sad when I think about the fact that I’ll never be able to hear every song ever created.  What

WOW! It’s been a while since I blogged and updated everyone on my crazy creative life. Today I decided I am going to try to get back into the habit of blogging everyday.  *crosses fingers* Just a quick update, I have been home for 6 mos. now and I have