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While reading a post by one of my peers in the Instructional Design and Technology Certificate program at  Full Sail University Course, I  discovered a reference to this book, Artistic Edge by Lisa Phillips.

First, I thought of the book I learned about in one of the psychology classes I took on the Full Sail University Campus back when I was trying to get my first degree.  The book’s title is ” A Whole New Mind: Why Right-Brainers Will Rule the Future.”A Whole New Mind, book by Daniel Pink


Dan Pink’s book really made a big impact on how I thought about the future everyday after reading it. It made a lot of sense to me and I could relate to it in many ways.  He highlighted six creative senses that were important in the future and explained how we were living in a conceptual age and were already past the technological age.

Dan Pink's 6 Senses Diagram

This book influenced most, if not all of my business ideas and allowed me to hold faith in my creative ideas, dreams, and passions.  If not for this book I probably would have given up on entrepreneurship and would have tried to find some regular job.


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