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First and foremost, I do love NY.  My first visit to New York City was a direct connection to my home town.  I visited new york my first year in college to appear as a guest on a  Montel Williams show about race relations in America (see senior prom links in right column for more info).  I thought the 2 days I stayed in the New Yorker Hotel, with my sister,  was a beautiful experience.

My living and working experience with New York ended up being a overdose of desperate souls, bums, street rats, crowded and slow subway stations, bright lights, loud noise, crime, and slavery.  Most people in New York will do whatever it takes to get a win ($) and my difference is, I feel I’ve already won.  On the other hand, New York is architecturally and culturally beautiful.  I have learned so much and meet so many friends and people who I will never forget.  This city has made me stronger and I can easily walk forward with pride.

Now, the new begging has started and it is way bigger than I could ever expect.  I have been lead back to my home town in Georgia where I came from. Sometimes we get so caught up in our massive egos that we forget where we came from.  When that happens you begin to uproot yourself.  Today our lives are so clouded with noise from all the excess “ego” thrown in our face, that the simplest things can get lost in translation.  When we forget, words like; power, right, wrong, dream, love, home, passion, hope, God, and purpose, they begin to change themselves and take the wrong shape. Luckily as long as we are alive and have faith in our life we can continue the molding, growing, and sculpting of our lives for good.

Next stop back home to my small country town, Ashburn, my fast track to the rest of the world.  I have business to make, friends to enjoy, inspiration to spread, love to give, art to create, and the people who love me the most are undoubtedly there.  This journey just keeps getting better.

“Never forget where you came from.”

P.S. I made it out before the New York winter.  Burrrhh! So icey!

Interesting Fact: Nikola Tesla, inventor of alternating current, died in the New Yorker Hotel.

(more photos of Ashburn coming soon)


Crime & Punishment Museum, Ashburn Georgia



Downtown, Ashburn Georgia


Court House, Ashburn Ga
The courthouse in my hometown, Ashburn Georgia.
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  1. Michelle Veras
    October 6, 2010 at 5:39 pm

    I will miss you dearly James Hall! I love you and always will. I still cant believe your leaving. smh <3 :'(