Hey, I’m Jeigh!  Let me help you with that.

Get Out the Box & Create Our New Ending; It’s Time for Wizdum!
Who’s that fella to the left?  That’s me!  Hello, my name is James “Jeigh” (Pronounced “Jay”) and I run this site and a few more you’ll learn about later (if you’re interested).  I get nervous when a person asks me, “Hey what do you do?” I do a lot of stuff and trust me I REALLY CAN’T HELP IT!  It sorta makes me happy oddly enough.   I can’t  really describe what I do in one word, but simply put I like using my talent, education, and experience in art and design to become and help others become more creative.  Why do you want to become more creative, well..the more creative you are the better your chance at solving problems and discovering problems unseen before.

This is seriously only the surface of what I do and if you really wanna know more browse around my site  to find out more specifically what stay busy doing.

If you’re still interested in what I’m going on about  you can read my bio.

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For a deeper look, you can check out the links below.


Jeigh Inc.
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For a look at my business from a corporate perspective check out my business site.
Visit My Business Site! 


I can help you with one of your  creative projects over at my creative agency and multimedia production studio, Out the Box Cre8ives.
Get Out the Box!

ONE LOGOTo learn more and make a difference go visit Our New Ending.
Create a New Ending!

And if you just want to find or sell some cool limited edition, custom made, and vintage items stop into WIZDUM
It’s time for Wizdum

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