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Artist painting a picture on wood.
Painting on wood  by sight, using the picture I took as inspiration for a African queen. I like to skip the technical sketching and stuff.

OK, so right now I am more than at a lost for words. For the first time, my artwork will be on display publicly and this moment came sooner than I ever expected!  Since I’m so much at a lost for words, I’ll let you read the article my wonderful cousin Latasha Everson, who is a reporter for the Tifton Gazette, wrote for me about my upcoming art exhibit.

Get lost in creativity
By Latasha Everson

Jeigh - Art & Design : Digital Art
Digital art piece created while studying at Full Sail University.

ASHBURN — A young, talented artist and designer from Turner County who has been “creating” since he was a young boy will be attending his first ever artist’s reception. The Turner County Arts Council will be hosting this event where original paintings, drawings, digital art, photography and other creative items from his professional portfolio will be exhibited at 5:30 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 6 at Victoria-Evans Memorial Library, which will remain on display for the month of October.

James “Jeigh” Hall, 22, has titled his first exhibit, “Lost in Creativity.” As an expiring artist with a wide-range of talents in various mediums, his passion to “create” will be presented for visitors to become lost in his creativity.

Coming from a small, southern town, Hall managed to embark on a rewarding adventure by moving to Orlando, Fla. to attend Full Sail University after graduating from Turner County High School in 2007.

Hall said, “Since I was in seventh grade, I wanted to attend Full Sail after hearing about it at a leadership institute. I loved the advanced skills, training and knowledge Full Sail offered me so much that it was an easy decision for me to continue my graduate studies there.”
Hall graduated from Full Sail in 2009 with a bachelor’s of science in digital arts and design, and he’s currently pursuing his master’s degree in Internet marketing online at Full Sail.

A month after receiving his bachelor’s degree, Hall quickly found a marketing internship at a small start-up business in New York City. Within three months, he stated that he was promoted to brand manager after he successfully redeveloped, managed and coordinated multiple marketing, graphic and web design projects from start to finish for the international brand.

During his time in New York City, he created graphic designs, web designs, managed social media and blogs, painted murals, produced videos and photographs, and even helped manage human resources, event planning and public relations for the small start-up, as well as for clients he gained by freelancing on the side.

However, Hall said his southern roots brought him back home to reignite his creative entrepreneurial spirit and dreams.

“I’ve always wanted to be my own boss,” Hall advised. “I feel that I was born to be a leader and creator, and by being my own boss, I’m able to lead my creativity and fully express it in directions of my own choice without restraint.”

Since returning home in 2010, Hall has been actively involved in the community by being a member of the Turner County Arts Council and by providing budget-friendly creative services to over 100 clients in the surrounding counties.

He stated that he’s recently started promoting his own creative agency and image production studio, “Out the Box Cre8ives.”  He advised that he wants OTBC to act as a toolbox for any person wanting to create.

Hall plans to offer services from seven primary departments: art, design, Internet, marketing, imaging, audio and print. He stated, “We want to give people with serious ideas a chance to have serious results, hence our tagline, ‘Helping you create successful realities.’”

He hopes that OTBC will grow into the leading website and company to help get any creative project “out the box.”  Hall has done approximately 12 paintings, which will be shown in the exhibit, along with images of past paintings, photography, drawings, sketches and graphic designs.

“Colors, observation and personal understandings inspire me,” Hall said, smiling. “The best part of creating art to me is when you don’t know exactly what the final product will be. You have to remain faithful of your arts value as your own unique expression no matter what. I just let the colors inspire my next series of brush strokes most of the time and hope the piece provides some type of emotional understanding for whoever views it.”

Visitors should expect colorful and whimsical artwork of original characters, extraterrestrial landscapes and portraits at the October exhibit, as well as photographs of New York City, Florida, his hometown and close-ups of creepy critters.
After the exhibit, Hall says he plans to continue painting and developing other creative businesses under his personal brand, Jeigh – Art & Design.

“I’m thankful that the Turner County Arts Council has allowed me to display my creative work,” he said. “Painting is what I love to do more than anything. It’s my escape from the busy life.”

Our New Ending,” a non-profit Christian-based community group and lifestyle brand, and “Wizdum,” a boutique store/art gallery, are two more brands that Hall is excited about launching. He hopes that with enough support, he’ll soon have the commercial property and capital to get his businesses out of the house and into facilities that can house his multi-faceted creative business models.

To contact Hall, email him at jeigh.art@gmail.com. You can also find Hall and his brands — Jeigh – Art & Design, OTBC and Our New Ending — on several social media networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr and LinkedIn.

To contact reporter Latasha Everson, call 382-4321.

Big and special thanks  to Latasha for the great article!!!  She’s such a pleasant and wonderful reporter and writer!

I’ve been working on several paintings for this special day and I still have several to complete.  There are less than 5 days before I have to set-up and I’m getting a little nervous.  I semi-completed this one tonight.. finally!  I feel finished with my paintings when I get to a point where I accept it’s imperfections for the art of it.  LOL!   Come visit him and I at my reception at 5:30 PM to 6:30 PM on October, 6th 2007 at the Victoria Evans Memorial Library in Ashburn, Georgia.

Jeigh - Art & Design Painting
“Mr. Octopus” Acrylic on Particle Board — Artist: James Hall /2011

This painting was first inspired by color and then a bit of claustrophobia within my life.  The fluidity of an Octopus’s movement through the ocean is a beautiful depiction of balance. It seems to glide effortlessly through a claustrophobic life with the heavy ocean bearing down on it all the time.  On the other hand octopus’ are fun, whimsical and interesting looking creatures.

I’ll be posting all my final paintings here soon!  To check out some old paintings and some of my current unfinished paintings look here.

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